Having an affair can be a time of confusing, conflicting emotions.  Excited yet guilty, free yet trapped, re-invigorated yet weighed down.  Your brain is awakened, your spirit seemingly revived, but somehow tempered with lies and shame.  The highs and lows can feel extreme and overwhelming.

There is rarely anyone to talk to.  The complex nature of any of these situations means it is often difficult to be honest, even with yourself.  You rarely want to involve those in which you would ordinarily confide who usually provide advice, comfort and support.

At The Affair Clinic we offer a highly confidential and non-judgmental space for you to talk through your ever changing situation and emotions.

It is important that, for our first meeting at least, we meet face to face. In order to make our service more accessible to our clients we use a number of discreet meeting rooms across London and the South East.  Please contact us to find out the most convenient for you. The written word can often be interpreted in a variety of ways and through an initial consultation we can begin to understand you and your unique situation and easily ask questions to avoid any confusion.  These situations are often complicated and experience shows you will benefit more going forward if we meet face to face at least once.  We will listen to what you say and help with what is difficult to say.  This session will last between 1 and 1.5 hours.

During this initial consultation we will listen to and understand your unique situation and together we will

  • Talk through who is involved, directly and indirectly
  • Work through how you feel about where you are, practically and emotionally
  • Discuss what you want to achieve and how we can help you get there
  • Try to separate the “heart” from the “head”
  • Start to work through your questions
  • Talk about how we do subsequent sessions

Going forward

Face-to-face sessions can be very beneficial, especially at the outset, but for future sessions you may want to utilise the advantages of email therapy.  We can discuss the best options for you at the initial consultation.  In subsequent sessions we will help you

  • Analyse your relationship(s)
  • Understand your behaviour patterns
  • Work through the thoughts occupying your mind
  • Help you understand yourself
  • Understand why you feel the way you do
  • Focus rationally on where you are now
  • Work through various scenarios
  • Open up your mind to new possibilities
  • Develop plans that feel right for you
  • Re-capture your real self
  • Work towards a less confused present and a brighter future