If an affair has rocked your relationship it can be a devastating time.  Emotions run high.  Shock, anger and resentment can take over.  It can often feel like bereavement.  It is difficult to see past the cloudy fog that has been created.

At The Affair Clinic we offer a highly confidential and non judgmental space for you to talk through your unique situation, emotions and where, as an individual or as a couple, you go from here.  We will listen carefully to what you say and help with what is difficult to say.

As with most couples therapy it is advised that in this instance sessions are carried out face to face. In order to make our service more accessible to our clients we use a number of discreet meeting rooms across London and the South East.  Please contact us to find out the most convenient for you.

During our initial consultation we will listen to and understand your unique situation and together we will

  • Talk through who is involved directly and indirectly
  • Work through how you both feel emotionally
  • Discuss what you want to achieve and how we can help you get there
  • Start to work through your questions

Going forward

In subsequent sessions we can help you:

  • Be open and honest in your conversations
  • Understand why the affair happened
  • Help you understand how your relationship has changed
  • Work through various scenarios for moving forward
  • Develop plans that feel right for you
  • Work towards a less confused present and a brighter future