July 3, 2018 8:01 pm

Love Island – Week 4

Relationship and affairs expert Yvonne Filler analyses week 4 on the island.

Slow down chaps, we can’t keep up!  So many twists and turns and so much rich psychological games and moves.  Big focus this week on the ups and downs for Georgia.  Our cool as a cucumber fun girl appears to have been sucked in by the love island drama.

Georgia – The first signs of trouble for our self assured, confident young lady was when she openly talked about her difficulty in showing a partner affection.  The beginning of her relationship with Josh was all focussed on fun before she found herself wanting, but struggling, to give the relationship more.  With a suspected fearful-avoidant attachment style Georgia is always going to find it uncomfortable getting close to others.  As she herself has said, she will worry that she will be hurt if she allows herself to get too close to people.  It would be interesting to explore any losses she’s had in her life to date and how she has dealt with them as often this is reason for this style.

She is likely to have unconscious negative views about herself and Josh and it was surprising to see her so trusting of Josh as he first entered Casa Amor.  Perhaps this was self protection as we soon saw cracks beginning to form and she began to possibly be more worried about Josh that Dani was of Jack.  I suspect trusting that Josh will come back single from Casa Amor was a huge step for Georgia and the devastation that he’s found someone else has been really crushing.  No matter what we see in her behaviour I believe this is going to have long term repercussions for Georgia even once she’s off the island.  When trusting someone is such a big mountain to climb, the abuse of that trust is going to hit hard.

Adam – “I’d be lying if i said I didn’t fancy her”.  Wow.  Just wow.  Our anxious-preoccupied lothario is really proving he just can’t settle down.  True to his attachment style he is really showing he is uncomfortable without a close relationship, seeks high levels of intimacy and responsiveness.  I believe he can only reduce his levels of anxiousness by being adored.  His impulsiveness won’t change until he can understand his own relationship patterns and what they do for him and others.

Dani   With over 1000 complaints to Ofcom for the “emotional abuse” caused to Dani Dyer by showing a clip that implied her boyfriend could cheat, she’s certainly causing a few stirs this week.  The problem the regulator has is staying neutral from the emotion we all feel about seeing a “character” we’ve all fallen in love with and sticking to the question in hand.  “Is this programme inflicting emotional abuse and bullying?”.  Whilst never excusing or condoning such behaviour we have to bear in mind that this is essentially a game, a reality TV show and to that end the contestants know they aren’t going to be treated to hearts and flowers for 8 weeks.  Having said that, viewer numbers were most certainly up to see how Dani copes.

Despite a few wobbles, including her upset at the video I still believe that Dani is inherently secure in herself.  I don’t see her upset and worry as causing her long term damage.  Anyone would be worried if they send the clip the was shown but I believe she had inner faith in Jack but above all strength in knowing herself that if he did come back with someone else she can get over it eventually.  This girl is still strong and secure in my eyes.

Megan – Wow what a character.  Not an easy girl to like from any perspective.  A female Adam, she functions off the attention of men.  She struggles with women and I believe, is so incredibly anxious she’d really struggle with any kind of game of trust.  Both Adam and Megan would never had chosen to “stick” in the latest re-coupling.  Far too risky for their relationship style.


Half way already. 

Megan – will stick with Alex until he wavers even in the slightest.  she can’t bear the thought of not being adored.

Adam – will move on when another brunette enters the villa though he also might try a little dabble with Jack’s ex, Elle.

Alex – Grace will get bored and move on.  Think he’s on his 9th life – he won’t be in much longer

Jack and Dani – will be stronger for their various tests.  They’ll stick it out with a few wobbles

Laura – will be dumped again – and move on again very quickly

Wes – will wait for a girl to come to him rather than make a move himself – he’s got to be quick though or he risks being dumped at the next re-coupling

Ellie and Charlie – not compatible at all.  Not sure who will jump first.  Probably Charlie.

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