“Love Island” Ask the Expert….Week 1

June 10, 2018 2:23 pm

Relationship and affairs expert Yvonne Filler analyses this weeks’ drama.

So, they’re in, the class of 2018.  Record viewing figures watched the opening episode that saw our class couple up for the first time.  But never ones to hold back, the producers are already throwing the hand grenades and exciting audiences with the explosions.  So what’s caught the expert eye so far?

Kendall – As much as I loved her refreshing  “just give me time” approach, I’m glad Kendall is out.  I was beginning to really worry about her.  She just didn’t have the confidence of the others.  Sometimes confidence is just a mask (we’ll come onto that later with the boys) but Kendall genuinely looked like a rabbit in headlights.  I’m wondering if she’d ever even watched the programme before she went in – or if she was just told by her mates “you’ve got the chance to get to know a nice man, over time, in a sunshine paradise”!  She clearly has a past she hasn’t quite processed yet and there was no time for that on the island.  You barely get time to process yesterday let alone your last year.  Enjoy watching from the comfort of your sofa Kendall, and be relieved you’re no longer in the pressure cooker.

Dani – In complete contrast I’m not worried about Dani at all.  She’s a girl who knows what she wants and what she has to do to get it.  Yes, she got upset at the end of the week when Jack “appeared” to move on without blinking, but at that age we all can get a bit jealous when an ex moves on quickly.  Teenage tears aside, she’s a girl that can work through things without too much heartache. 

Laura and Wes – I predict trouble for the seemingly content “Love Island Love Birds”.  Laura shows signs of an “anxious preoccupied” attachment style.  It’s early days so she is quite rightly unsure about Wes’ feelings but she seems overly unsafe in the relationship asking for reassurance from both Wes and the other islanders.  If she actually is “anxious preoccupied” she will only get more clingy, demanding and possessive and will interpret Wes’ actions as affirmation that he doesn’t want to be with her.  This just isn’t going to work on the island.   

Alex – The media have gone crazy for Alex, grabbing such conflicting comments like “as a doctor trying to find love I sympathise with Alex” and “not just a fish out of water, he’s in the desert”.  So either love or loathe the marmite character I actually think he’s one of the more balanced, secure blokes on the island.  Yes, he’s got the usual insecurities about not being picked or finding love but I don’t think they run deep.  On the other hand……

Jack and Adam – The shiny teeth and the mediterranean good looks aren’t fooling me.  These two like to present an “I will always get what I want” approach but after an initial physical attraction females tend to feed off kindness, compassion and the ability to be vulnerable with someone.  Neither of these two look like there even close to be able to provide any of that.

We’ve already seen Jack admit that he was actually hurt that Dani “just want to be friends” but he didn’t want to show that her his emotional side.  A bit of boy bravado?  Could be, but I am left wondering if he’s actually going to struggle a little bit more than the others with rejection.  We all react to rejection in different ways.  I’ll be keeping an eye on him.

Adam needs it all right here, right now.  Very keen to have someone to stroke his ego so Rosie is perfect for him.  She almost can’t believe her luck that Adam “fancies” her.  Is his need to settle down a result of the same anxious-preoccupied style that Laura shows signs of, or is he simply playing the game and needing a more reliable option than Kendall?  One to watch. 

Niall and Georgia – Nothing this couple have said or done has made me think they aren’t actually the confident, secure individuals they are presenting.  Admittedly Georgia’s “journey” has been relatively straight forward so far.  Join the islanders, compulsory first date, laugh, kiss, couple up, job done, but she’s even won over the suspicious group of existing girls.  A bit like Dani, she seems to be in there for the fun as well as the love, an approach thats like to give you Love Island longevity. 

So, week 1 over already.  7 to go.  Worrying? At times.  Cringey? Yes.  Staged? Almost certainly.  But it doesn’t stop me making the tea/pouring the wine and settling down to my guilty pleasure.

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