June 22, 2018 2:47 pm

Love Island – Week 3

Relationship and affairs expert Yvonne Filler analyses week 3 on the island.

When Love Island makes BBC Breakfast news you know its been a controversial week for the islanders.  Not for the first time Adam steals the limelight, or is that gaslight?  This week we possibly add our own controversial view as we cast an expert eye over proceedings.

Adam – Adam, Adam, Adam.  If only you knew what was being said on the outside world.  Despite his nasty sniggers and smirks I almost feel sorry for the lad.  Yes, he’s made for some incredibly uncomfortable scenes but I’m left wondering about the scenes we’re not shown.  He hasn’t changed.  He claimed he finds it hard when a relationship gets too intense.  It did with Rosie.  Zara is understandably being more cautious and therefore plays neatly into Adam’s “type”.  Despite his obvious interest in Zara I still maintain his style as dismissive-avoidant.  I believe he’s hiding behind the charm – you can tell he’s having to really try at it and it doesn’t come naturally.  He is 20. And he’s male.  He clearly doesn’t yet know how to handle his emotions. He’s on a reality show called Love Island. I think it’s dangerous to call him a “gaslighter” or “emotional abuser”.  We can’t judge him on a few carefully chosen excerpts from 24 hours of filming but we can use it to highlight the danger of emotionally abusive relationships in general.  I await the disinterest with Zara as soon as she becomes that little bit more settled and keen.

Laura and Wes – Be careful what you wish for Laura.  Last week we heard her almost tease the producers when she said “we need something to test us”.  Enter Ellie stage right.  When a head is turned purely by the same colour hair and eyes as your partner we know we’re not watching a particularly scientific experiment about human interaction.  I predicted last week that the producers will try their hardest to make it happen and their minor efforts have at least wobbled the couple.  Laura with insecurity, and Wes asking “am I wanting to settle down?”.  With Ellie’s eyes firmly on the cash prize, as opposed to Alex, Laura can rest easy.  For now.

Jack and Dani – Warning – another controversial view for those who are as besotted with these two as much as Jack likes to think they are besotted with each other.  I talked last week about game playing by Dani and last night I picked up on a big hint that I might not actually be too far off the mark.  When new boy Sam arrived Adam asked “lets cut to the chase, who do you fancy”.  Others joined in the questioning but if you listen hard enough you’ll hear Dani say “Yes, what’s your game plan?”.  She’s enjoying time with Jack but she’s either very camera shy, worried what her dad might think or playing a very good game.  She’s not giving a whole lot.

Josh and Georgia – Still not a lot of airtime for these two, so clearly still not rocking any boats and hanging under the radar.  Georgia wasn’t slightly concerned about the arrival of the two new girls and confirmed our assertions that she’s not here for love, more for fame.  Josh was slightly unsettled by the arrival of Sam but he too is confident in his own skin with a secure style that doesn’t seem to be causing any dramas.

Meghan and Eyal – Almost certainly to Adam’s disappointment Megan and Eyal appear to have provided the first sexual encounter of the series, 3 weeks in.  I was quite surprised.  She was seeming almost reserved and not willing to give much to the coupling up until the wine tasting date.  Perhaps it went to her head or maybe she is seeing something in Eyal that audiences aren’t.  Twitter is full of negative comments for his personality which doesn’t conform to the usual Love Island style but it seems to be impressing Meghan although she is easily taken in by a few compliments.  I’d worry about her if, or when,  Eyal’s head is turned.

Alex and Samira – ….and finally.  They’re still here.  Alex possibly safer than Samira.  Desperate to find Love on the Island, he’s now coupled up with Ellie.  Who, I’m guessing, is desperate to be coupled up with a viewers favourite – after all there is £50,000 up for grabs.  They are a very unlikely couple and although I’ve seen many different personalities work together long term, this one just doesn’t look likely.  Ellie is already finding Alex’s awkwardness difficult to manage and asking him to “go with the flow” more.  My guess is he spent a large part of his teens and twenties with his head in a medical text book and is only now realising what more he’d like from life.  Socialising and romancing takes practice and he’ll get there.  Just not on Love Island. I really hope Samira stays in but she comes across as too level-headed, wise and emotionally aware to make good TV.

So, there we are, Week 3, done.   Another coupling up tonight is going to make for interesting viewing. I predict new boy Sam will go for Georgia, so we might see a little more of Josh over the next few days.

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